This server runs ReactOS 0.4.15 (on btrfs), NGINX 1.25.3 webserver with PHP 5.4.45, Xash3D-FWGS 0.20.1 Server and Xash3D-NG 0.19.4 server (Xash3D is an OpenSource Engine for Half-Life)

Check out phpinfo() or the /nginx_status

The livestats table is generated with GameQ PHP Library.
You can also checkout its example.php

Server uptime: 22 days (+04:10:13)

IP Name Map Player ReactOS 0.4.15 Xash3D 0.20.1 REACTOS.LA10CY.NET stalkyard 0/16 ReactOS 0.4.15 Xash3D 0.19.4 REACTOS.LA10CY.NET stalkyard 1/16

This screenshot gets generated every 30 secs
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- add some bots to the servers
- add AMX MOD X to the servers
✅ add PHP to nginx
- add more recent PHP version to nginx

Some notes to PHP

Unfortunatelly any PHP versions later then 5.4.45 will crash with an error at start:

The procedure entry point inet_ntop could not be located in the dynamic link library WS2_32.dll.
To get PHP running on ReactOS I had to take the very outdated version 5.4.45. I am very aware of the security riscs, so i keep any PHP stuff running here as basic as possible. It is more a proof of work actually.

For some more information about Xash3D Servers and Clients to play Half-Life, check out my Half-Life Page

If you want to get in contact with me for feedback, questions or comments, you can reach me here:

Mail: reactos[at]
Twitter: @DeltaLima

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